Canzonare "teases" the musical palate with little-known offerings from the historical performance repertoire.
The ensemble is available for concerts, workshops, and residencies

"Kudos to Canzonare for its taste and ingenuity" as the group "demonstrated" their "commitment to exploring lesser known composers as well as imaginative presentation... beyond literary connections, the period instrument trio highlighted these works not as historical footnotes or academic curiosities but rather as popular music of their time... connect[ing] this music back to the un-pretentious intimacy that originally defined it and which still serves it well today" (Boston Musical Intelligencer)

"The program... was hauntingly and beautifully performed by Bellott in flawless French, accompanied by... Chambers, the latter's traverso punctuating the text with lively commentary" (American

"...blending... beautifully with Chambers's traverso; the trio glided seamlessly from one movement to another" (American

"Pergolesi's (1710-1736) floating aria Lieto Cosi Talvolta, with its obbligato flute imitating birdsong, was stripped down to musical essentials and closed the concert as naturally as an evening with friends. Core Canzonare member and vocalist Sarah Bellot fared best, singing both male and female parts in the Bach recitative with clear diction and humor... she really came alive for the Pergolesi, shaping its long lines with grace and a creamy yet focused soprano. The interplay between her and Chambers was hard to resist. 'Hard to resist' is a good way to sum up the sheer warmth and creative spirit that animated this program. These performers are clearly fascinated and enthused by these works... Hopefully, and more importantly, their energy and example will inspire others" (Boston Musical Intelligencer)

Canzonare's "sheer warmth, creative spirit and original presentation proved irresistible. Taking the music back to its essentials, out of rarefied concert venues and into a small room filled with 'new-to-you' composers and a handful of energetic musicians, is exactly the type of unpretentious treatment all music needs" (Aesthetic, not Anesthetic)

Canzonare "delighted" the audience and furnished "an artful finish to a well-thought-out program... stimulating the palate and encouraging conversation" (American

"Canzonare's unusual thematic program, En Barque, will evoke Patrick O'Brian's seafaring tales through performances of some of the music described therein... [to] impart perhaps as much social history as nautical adventure" (Boston Musical Intelligencer)

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