Virtuose Giovani

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  July 14-16, 2015 8pm
Tuesday St. Peter's Church, Weston
Wednesday The Chapel at West Parish, Andover
Thursday Lindsey Chapel, Emmanuel Church, Boston

    17th Century Italian vocal music composed for the Virtuoso Sopranos of Ferrara, the ladies of the concerto delle donne established by Duke Alfonso II. The distinctive diminution style of Luzzaschi is set against the seconda prattica of Caccini and Claudio Monteverdi and the instrumental musica secreta of Frescobaldi and Gesualdo.
    Guest contralto Stephanie Kacoyanis.

Musique Pour le Dauphin

The title given to the heir apparent changed hands quickly in first fifteen years of the 18th century. Instrumental music from François Couperin and dela Barre is surrounded by two aquatic cantatas: Clérambault's Aréthuse was depicted with dolphins swimming about her head while Campra's fabled poet Arion was pictured with his lyre on the back of a dolphin..

Tainted Love

  In J.S. Bach's Wedding Cantata, the singer admonishes the flute to be silent! Alessandro Scarlatti's cantata Quella pace gradita is filled with the pangs of love and is set in contrast to Handel's treatment of the subject but Clérambault's depiction is the most abstract and disturbing.

La Dame à licorne

Taste, hearing, sight, smell, touch, and à mon seul désir... a series of tapestries woven in Flanders in the late fifteenth century give this concert its name. Music from the air de cour repertory. Guest artist Catherine Liddell plays lute and theorbo.

Virtuoso Giovani

17th Century Italian vocal music composed for the Virtuoso Sopranos of Ferrara and harpsichord music by composers connected to the court. Guest contralto Stephanie Kacoyanis.

Mistress of Music

Jane Austen's favorites: Schottische Lieder by Haydn, English songs with lyrics by a contemporary female poetess, and "exotic" songs indicative of the fascination with the lost American colonies and the new frontiers of the British empire in the Indies; with instrumental music by Neil Gow, Oswald, and Pleyel.

En Barque

Music from Patrick O'Brian's seafaring Aubrey-Maturin series. J.S. Bach keyboard work, a Corelli violin sonata, Mozart and Pergolesi operatic excerpts, and the infamous Locatelli. "although [Maturin] and Jack Aubrey were almost as unlike as men could be... they were united in a deep love of music, and many an evening had they played together … or both singing together far into the night” (IOM:154). Guest artist Joy Grimes-baroque violin.

earthly & divine

Sacred and secular love: Music from J.S. Bach, Handel, delalande, and Rameau.

In Bloom

Boismortier's Le Printemps, Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Le Printemps de Vivaldi, Handel's Sweet Bird, and a Bouquet Musicale.


A taste of the French, German, and Italian Baroque.

Canzonare Sets the Stage

London Restoration Theatre Music: From the light (Beggar's Opera) to the obscure (Alchymist). From tragecomedia (Prophetess and Fairy Queen) to opera (Giulio Cesare). Guest artist.

Nature's Bounty

A Musical Cornucopia.

Thro' the wood, Laddie

A cozy meeting of folk and classical music. Scottish music set by Beethoven, Haydn, Geminiani, & McGibbon. Guest artist.

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